Marlene Huston

Certified Casting Instructor & Guide

Marlene Huston is a Certified Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International,  graduate of Wulff School of Fly Fishing Instructor School, and founder of Core Fly Fishing – Beyond the Cast. When leaving Wulff School of Fly Fishing, Joan Wulff said to her, “please teach women how to fly fish.” 

A promise in the keeping with passion and attitude! Marlene has been teaching, mentoring, and guiding fly anglers since 2005 in the Driftless of Southeast Minnesota. She is member of Fly Fishers International, Trout Unlimited, Fly Fishing Women of Minnesota, and International Fly Fishing Women.

An Iowa native from Cedar Rapids,  Marlene now resides in Winona, with husband Tom and black labador Sadie.  When not on the water fishing, traveling,  and teaching she is a medical secretary at Mayo Clinic-Rochester, Minnesota.